The Winds Attack Aeneas' Fleet

(The Winds Attack Aeneas' Fleet)

This page is intended to be a student resource for Latin III and IV students at Park View High School as they study Vergil's epic poem, The Aeneid. Magister Johnson retired from active teaching in June of 2003. However, he intends to leave this page and others available for all students at PVHS and those interested in the Classics. Here are some links on the internet which will be of interest to you in your study of The Aeneid.

Links of Interest On The Internet

AP Latin (College Board)

Internet Links for AP Latin

The Emergence of The Augustan Age (A Historical Outline)

A Literary History of the Augustan Age (A Historical Outline)

The Epic Hero (Common Elements)

The Vergil Project

Vergil's Domestica Pagina

Images From Vergil

Outline of Significant Events in Vergil's Aeneid

A Chronology of Vergil's Life

Latin Poetry: Vergil's Aeneid

The Trojan War (Mythological Background)

The Legend of Aeneas and The Foundation of Rome

The Classics Page

A Guide To The Scansion of Latin Poetry

Figures Of Speech

Vergil's Aeneid and Eclogues

Vergil's Aeneid

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(Laocoon And His Sons)

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