Bruce's Sister and her Family Visit Northern Virginia

They arrived on June 28th and were here until July 5th. Bobbie became tour guide trying to make a busy few days fun for everyone.

Their first day took them to the US Capital Building.

The girls are pictured here by the Capital Women's Memorial.

Taking a breather after their tour of the Capital.

Father and Son on the steps of the Capital.

Hi, Mom! We aren't tired yet.

We don't know about these two though.

The entire touring group taking a short break after lunch in front of the Native American Indian Museum.

This young lady is wondering what it would be like to be a part of the Canoe Crew.

Someone is taking advatage of the hands on activities inside the Native American Indian Museum.

A picture perfect family in front of the Native American Indian Museum.

Dad and the kids take a break so Mom and Aunt Bobbie can take another picture.

The next day the entire crew takes off for Baltimore, Maryland to see Fort McHenry and the Baltimore National Aquarium. Here you see one of the many large sail boats that can be seen in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

A renactment at Fort McHenry.

Beautiful birds at the Aquarium.

The kids working on their vacation scrapbooks in the evening.

The next day we were off to the Washington National Zoo. Here you see Tai Shan in the tree.

I think we have two getting hoochered from the heat.

Cheetah Cub

Young Giraffe

Baby Elephant

Orangutans move between the Ape House and the Think Tank.

A young astronaut in the making.

Here we see a group of Deep Space Explorers.

Civil War Enlistees at Gettysburg

Sizing up the Cannons

At the Eternal Peace Memorial (if it could only be true)

Resting on the fence like Civil War soldiers of old.

Changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers at Arlington National Cemetary.

Climbing the steps at the Lincoln Memorial.

Lincoln ever impressive in memorial marble.

Another family picture at the Lincoln Memorial.

From the Lincoln Memorial you can see the Washington Monument in the background.

The kids with Aunt Bobbie.

Getting a rubbing at the Vietnam Memorial.

Views at the FDR Memorial

Playing Chess at Bobbie and Bruce's

Celebrating the Fourth of July

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