The Age of Discovery Through The Napoleonic Era


This page will deal with European History from the 16th through early part of the 19th century. It will trace events from the rise of Absolute Monarchs through the French Revolution and Napoleon. When you use this page remember to return to this page you must use the back function on your browser.


The Age of Discovery and Absolutism The English Revolution and The Englightenment Revolution and Napoleon

Pictures From Mr. and Mrs. J's Trip To France

Louis XIV

The Murder of Marat

Emperor Napoleon I


 Links of Interest on The Internet

Exploration - The Americas


The Imperial House of Hapsburg

Pirates and Privateers

Henry VII and the Tudor Dynasty

Renaissance English Literature

Tudor England

French History and Culture

16th Century France

The Treaty of Westphalia

Queen Anne'S War

The Romanovs

Age of Enlightenment


The Glorious Revolution

The French Revolution

Cahiers of 1789

The Tennis Court Oath

Declaration of the Rights of Man

French Revolution Home Page

Tragedy of Louis XVI (Time Line)


France: 1792-1815

Napoleon In Russia

Napoleon's Farewell Address to The Old Guard

The Battle of Waterloo

The Battle of Waterloo - Web Game


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