The Medieval World Through The Renaissance & Reformation


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The Medieval World, Part One The Medieval World, Part Two The Renaissance and Reformation



Links of Interest on The Internet

The Crusades

Urban II: Speech At Clermont

Peter The Hermit and The Popular Crusade

Crusaders Journey To Constantinople

Crusaders At Constantinople

The Siege and Capture of Nicea

The Siege and Capture of Antioch

The Siege and Capture of Jerusalem

Selected Sources: The Crusades

Call For A Second Crusade

The Fiasco At Damascus

The Capture of Jerusalem by Saladin

The Fall of Jerusalem

The Death of Frederick Barbarossa

Richard The Lion Hearted Conquers Cyprus

The Siege and Capture of Acre

Philip Augustus Returns To France

Muslim Hostages Slain At Acre

Richard the Lion Heart Makes Peace With Saladin

Other Medieval Sites on The Internet

The Byzantine Empire

The Medieval World

The Renaissance

Women In The Middle Ages

Map of Anglo Saxon England

British Heraldry

Knighthood, Chivalry & Tournaments

The Tower of London

Byzantine and Medieval Sites

History of Printing

Historic Documents-Britannia

Monarchs of England-Britannia

The Bayeux Tapestry

Richard III Home Page

The Battle of Hastings

Anglo Saxon Culture

The Magna Carta

Leonardo da Vinci



The Catholic Reformation

Selected Sources on The Reformation

The Galileo Project

Sir Thomas More

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