The Emergence of Man Through The Classical World

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The Emergence of Man and Pre History

Ancient Egyptian Civilization

The Ancient Near and Middle East

The Development of Ancient Greece

Ancient Roman History


The Roman Emperor Augustus

 Links of Interest on The Internet

Fossil Hominids
Ancient Near and Middle East
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Nippur Sacred City of Enlil Supreme God of Sumer and Akkad
The Code of Hammurabi
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Resources for Studying Mythology and Religion
Oriental Institute Virtual Museum
Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology (University of Memphis)
Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt
Hatshepsut's Expedition to the Land Of Punt
Ancient Egypt: 3200-30 B.C.
The Parthenon
Alexander The Great
Exploring Ancient Cultures
(The Civil War of Caesar and Pompey)
Links To Ancient Rome
History of the Hellenistice and Roman Worlds
Julius Caesar: The Last Dictator
Roma (History and Civilization of the Eternal City)
The Roman Empire
Rome: Maps Of The Roman Empire
Atlas of the Classical World
The Origin and The Deeds of The Goths


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