Some Pictures From France

Here you see all that remains of the Bastille is a monument. It is dedicated to those who died in the 1830 Revolution not 1789.

This is the site of the guillotine during the Reign of Terror. It is located in the center of the Place de la Concorde. Now it has an Egyptian obelisk dedicated to Napoleon.

Many Parisian citizens were imprisoned here during the French Revolution, the Conciegerie, including Marie Antoinette. It was also known as the Temple. Conciergerie literally means "the keeper".

This is Marie Antoinette's cell in the Conciergerie. Only those who had the money had private quarters inside the prison.

This is a view of what was called the "dormitory" which held prisoners awaiting trial before the Revolutionary Tribunal.

One of the side trips we took while in Paris was to Versailles shown here from the front and back.

These are some of the beautiful rooms we saw in the "Royal Apartments" at Versailles.

I was in awe standing in the "Halls of Mirrors" just thinking of its historical significance and the events that had taken place there. The proclamation of the German Empire at the end of the Franco Prussian War and the signing of the Versailles Treaty at the end of World War I all took place here.

The Versailles gardens were just as impressive as the interior.

We also visited the Palace of Fountainbleu, one of Napoleon's favorites. It was here that Napoleon abdicated the throne of France after the Battle of Nations going into exile on the Island of Elba before his return during the "Hundred Days".

The interior, while not as grand as Versailles, did have wonderful rooms like Napoleon's throne room and his private bed chamber.

Back in Paris we visited the church of St. Chapelle, Louis XIV's favorite church. The colors were so bright and marvelous!

This is the Hotel des Invalides which was built by Louis XIV as an "old soldiers home" and today it is a military museum. The dome basillica in the background houses Napoleon's tomb.

Napoleon's Tomb

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