Our Summer Travels 2007, Part II

The Second Part of our Summer Travels took us to Missouri. First to Jefferson City, then to Harrisonville, Lee Summit as well as Kansas City.

Jefferson City, Missouri

Meg sets the game board

Callie waits her turn

Janis, Leann and Jules listening to questions during a game of Twenty Questions

Taking a break--let's gather in the kitchen

Scott checks out the room

Callie and Jules examine game options

Harrisonville, Missouri
July 4, 2007

There were brothers and sisters and several generations of Johnsons too! There were moms and dads, cousins, aunts and uncles as well as great aunts and uncles. We were blessed with grandparents and great grandparents too. There were twenty seven and what a day it was!

Janie, Kathy and Lucas on the patio

George and Mary Lou visiting with everyone

Mark and Aidan get ready for the pool

Getting all covered in sunscreen--Scott watches Aidan and Luke.

Mark does a good uncle job of getting Luke ready for the pool

Doug and Meg in the pool

Brothers, Aidan and Luke, take a turn getting into the pool.

Aunt Meg swims with Luke

Great Uncle Doug and Aidan in the pool

Doug, Meg, Jules and Luke await waterguns from Janie

Chris and Mark watch others in the pool

Kathy poses beside the pool with Luke and Meg

Three shots of Johnsons in and around the pool

Kyler Eleanor--the newest family member

Out of the pool and into the shade--Scott, Leann and Janie

Great Grandma Mary Lou with Kyler

Scott and Matt on the patio

Opening a gift for Kyler, Kellen helps his mom.

Callie dries off after the pool

Luke helps Aunt Brooke open a gift from Aunt Anne and family.

Kellen spends some pool time with Grandpa Dave and dad, Matt.

Doug and Sue get a few minutes of relaxation in their pool.

The Johnson men in the pool

Bruce and Mary Lou relax on the patio

Are those chimes really that low?

Dave makes a point

Getting Kellen into his waterwings

Spiderman is ready to go!

Aunt Bobbie spends some time with Kyler

Bruce watches Callie and listens to his Mom

Kathy takes a turn and Luke watches tv!

Kellen and Matt take a breather

Time out for a banana

Mark relishes the time Aidan and Kellen spend in the chair!

George watches over David

Brooke rests on the hearth

Luke has a quiet moment with Grandpa

Leann has her turn with Kyler

Matt and Kellen back on the patio. Is the pool far behind?

Mother and son--Janie and Scott enjoy the sun

Great-Grandma Mary Lou still has the touch

Are those ears I see?

Luke has Uncle Big Beard play the card game

Scott and the nephews play a card game too

Kathy with Luke--rehydrating

A quiet moment among the chaos of the day

Callie gets the chance to hold Kyler who never lacked for willing arms all day!

Matt and Brooke with Kyler

Dad shows off Kyler's matching hat and booties

It was finally time for fireworks and everyone was ready. Matt put on quite a show for all of us!

Let the fireworks begin--a sparkling warmup to the show

Starting the show with some low sparkles

The Johnson brothers prepare for a real 4th of July Firework Spectacular

This is not the end of our trip but only the mid point in a trip that has become longer than either of us realized. Part III will begin with Minnesota Relatives and then take us to Chicago and back to Indiana again. Our last major stop will be Cleveland, Ohio to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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