Our Summer Travels 2007, Part I

We left Virginia on June 22nd and finally returned on July 17th after travelling 4,293 miles visiting Family and Friends. Our travels took us to West Virginia, Ohio (Cincinnati), Indiana, Tennessee, Missouri, Minnesota, back to Indiana, and finally home via Cleveland, Ohio.

We had a very pleasant visit in WV and all the gossip you could ever wish to hear about people whose existence is questionable in your consciousness of reality.

Cats really do rule here! The house has its own AC!

Taking care of the foundlings!

Then we set out for Indiana via a short stop for lunch in Cincinatti. We had lunch with Rick Barron who Bruce taught in 1977 (his first year teaching) as well as his wonderful wife Anita. Rick is 44 years old now which may be a settling piece of information if anything else. We are just pleased that he remains a part of our life.

Anita, Bruce, and Rick!

Bobbie, Rick, and Bruce.

Then it was off to Indianapolis to visit Bruce's sister, Anne and her wonderful family.

The trip to Indianapolis was easy and uneventful allowing us to spend a wonderful evening with our two nieces and nephew as well as Anne and Mark. Mark had to go to work the next morning, but the rest of us did a little Sight Seeing. We we went to the NCAA Hall of Champions as well as the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art.

NCAA Hall of Champions

Ready to take the field, Brian and Bruce pose.

Brian checks out a pitching exhibit.

Kaitlin threw faster than Bobbie!

Kaitlin and Maureen perfect their snowboarding skills using a virtual machine.

Brian checks out all the sports gear and then goes snowboarding.

As close to the Basketball Hall of Fame as I will get!

Can't resist the basketballs

Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art

Saying Goodbye

Village wash day

On the attack

Preparing with the medicine man

Playing the flute

A daughter walks with her father to her wedding

Nothing like hands-on activities to make everyone happy.

Who can resist the call of the West?

Then after a visit that seemed so short we were off to Nashville, Tennessee to see Bruce's brother, Brian, and our sister-in-law, Cecile (or Cile).

Brian spends much of his day in this chair.

The newest memeber of the family--Maxwell!

Brian, Cile and Bruce

Brian, Bobbie and Bruce with Max too!

Cile and Max pose for the cameras

After Nashville we went to Memphis where the Blues and Country Music would produce a new sound that is identified with Elvis and change the face of popular music. We both decided that we needed to go to Graceland because we simply had never been there, and we enjoyed our trip into a past that is gone but helped to create what we have today.

A modest home for its time

Beautiful blue decor for the dining room

Bobbie loved the purple of the bedspread.

The wall is a waterfall!

Elvis loved horses and some remain on the property.

So many records--this is only a few

In 98 degree weather this was very inviting!

Elvis played the piano in this room on his last day.

This highlights the meditation garden near the burial site.

Elvis is buried here along with his parents and grandmother.

His mother's favorite car, she did not have a license though.

Elvis was born a twin. His twin died at birth.

The jet is as it was when Elvis traveled aboard it. Everything inside is leather, suede or velvet.

This is not the end of our trip but only the beginning. Part II will begin with the Missouri Johnsons and especially Mom and George.

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