New Hampshire

In July we headed North to New Hampshire where we had rented a lovely cottage called "The Needles" on Lake Winnipesaukee.

Our first stop was to visit the Shaker Village located in Canterbury.

Next we met with friends Lynn and Bill who live in Center Harbor. Our visit there not only gave us time to visit but also to explore Squam Lake where "On Golden Pond" was filmed.

One can't go to NH without taking a trip up Mount Washington, the highest peak in the East. We chose to take the Cog RailRoad (135 years old!) to the top. Like much of our stay, the weather went from sunny one moment to cloudy the next. While the temperature was never above the mid-70s while we were there, on top of the mountain it was in the 40s and very windy.

Another beautiful site is Franconia Notch. The scenery is lush, green and splattered with many wonderful waterfalls.

In front of the Basin.

Baby Flume

The Notch was the home to the "Old Man of the Mountain" but it fell leaving just this terrifc escarpment.

New Hampshire is also proud of its many covered bridges. We found several ranging from the young (built in 1989) to the old (built in trhe mid 1800s).

A trip with us usually involves being on the water as much as possible. We took the MS Mount Washington on a two and a half hour cruise around the 365 plus islands of Lake Winnipesaukee. Many of these small islands are inhabited albeit with folks who like living on water's edge!

Alton Bay is one of the many scenic communities on the Lake.

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