MS WALK 2008

On April 6, 2008 Bruce and Bobbie participated in the MS Walk hosted by the National Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society. The walk was held in Reston, Virginia. This year was not as rainy as last year, but it was still wet with a constant drizzle. Bruce rode his scooter and Bobbie walked the whole route. We had the company of one of Bobbie's colleagues at school as well as her husband, Erin and Desmond. Below you will find pictures from the event. Thanks to all who sponsored us and helped us raise $3,115. Bruce raised $2,080 and Bobbie raised $1,045. This is our Fifth MS Walk and Bobbie and I are proud that we have been able to raise well over $15,000 over the last five years. Yet, we are humbled and continue to remind ourselves that this accomplishment has nothing do with us and everything to do with you, 'OUR SUPPORTERS'. In an era when the percentage of appropriated funds in the Federal Budget for research of all chronic diseases is decreasing, your commitment and selfless support means that much more especially to those of us who deal with the challenge of diseases like Multiple Sclerosis every day. To just say 'Thank You' seems so insufficient, but it is a 'Heart Filled Thank You' from both of us.

Getting Bruce Ready To Go

Registration at Reston Town Center

Rain or Not - It Didn't Diminish the Enthusiasm!

Waiting Isn't My Strong Suit

Oh, the Patience of a Senex Magister

Bobbie and Bruce Are Almost Ready

Walkers Taking off from the Town Center

Erin and Desmond Arrive

Bruce, Erin, and Bobbie

Erin, Bruce, and Desmond

Erin Waiting on the Rest of Us

Crossing the Street

Signs of Spring While it Rains

Someone is Tired, I Think!

The End - Time to Go Home

The Weather is unpredictable but the community and spirit was wonderful as it always is! There was one minor problem with my scooter. As we were approaching the end of the walk, it began to lose power which has only happened once before. Fortunately we made it back to our Van before there was a total loss of power. Too many hills and it is also five years old as well.

Again, Many Thanks for Such Caring Generosity

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